Slip & Fall

Many types of hazardous conditions may cause people to slip and fall or trip and fall, often leading to catastrophic injuries. While many people think of spills as the cause of most slip and fall accidents, negligent or improper maintenance contributes to a significant number of slips, trips, and falls. Furthermore, slips and falls can occur almost anywhere, including shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, parking lots, private residences, at work, and on publicly owned property such as public sidewalks and government buildings. Common causes of slip and fall accidents include:

  • Spills and fallen merchandise in stores
  • Uneven or slippery sidewalks
  • Uneven pavement or flooring
  • Unsafe balconies and balcony railings
  • Broken stairs and hand railings
  • Obstructions on stairs
  • Malfunctioning escalators or elevators
  • Unsecured electrical cords
  • Inadequately secured premises
  • Construction hazards, such as unsecured, falling objects

Because dangerous conditions are often easily fixable, gathering evidence as quickly as possible after an accident can be critical to substantiating a premises liability claim. Our attorneys are committed to efficiently and thoroughly investigating the circumstances surrounding an incident in order to maximize your chances of recovery.

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