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Since 1994 The Law Offices of Victor O. Moses have helped countless people get the justice they deserve in Civil and Worker’s Compensation cases in the city of Hawthorne.

We have come to specialize in personal injury, immigration law and workers compensation law cases. We as a firm fight aggressively for all ranges of injury from slip and fall to wrongful deaths to make sure you are compensated and defended for the costs and pain that you have suffered. We take cases seriously as we help immigrant through the process of naturalization and defend them through the citizenship process. We also take on many workers compensation cases to make sure employees hurt in the workplace are compensated by employers and are treated fairly. We are here to fight, defend and succeed to make sure that all these serious issues are taken seriously and you are given the justice you deserve.

We proudly defend the people of Hawthorne which is located in Los Angeles county. Hawthorne is filled with resources to get what you need. For example there is the nearby Inglewood Court which is where any concern have can be taken up there and we can be the ones to make that happen. Along with the main court there are several surrounding courts to assure your legal case is heard. Also as a firm, located in the very nearby Inglewood, communication is convenient and we are able to provide our full attention and time to make sure you win your case in the most effective court and most effective way.

Personal Injury Attorney in Hawthorne

Here at the Law Offices of Victor O. Moses we act as your Personal Injury Attorney in Hawthorne to make that any injury has been accounted for. We take injury very seriously and are ready to defend it in any range of cases from slip and falls to wrongful deaths. All ranges are important and serious and that is how we treat it. We also act as an Auto Accident Attorney and we make sure that you are compensated for the pain that you have endured.

Hawthorne Immigration Law Attorney

We take immigrants seriously at the Law Offices of Victor O. Moses and we believe in guiding and defending immigrants through the process of naturalization, the process of becoming a permanent citizen of the United States.

We as a Immigration Law Attorney in Hawthorne take them through all the steps of getting a temporary visa and then getting a green card for permanent residence. We will even step in as a lawyer for citizenship applications to make sure immigrants if valid can become American citizens. Lastly we protect undocumented workers who are injured in the workplace to make sure they receive equal work compensation since it is earned. We work hard to protect our immigrants, we have done so countless times and we will continue to protect and defend.

Hawthorne Workers Compensation Attorney

Injuries at the workplace or due to work do happen and we at the Law Offices of Victor O. Moses as a Workers Compensation Attorney in Hawthorne know the seriousness of that issue and stand by your side to make sure that any pain or injuries are compensated with acts such as a full payment of all medical and recovery costs.

The injuries that can happen can vary in seriousness from stress problems to an injury at an event to serious health problems due to stress and workload. All of these deserve to be accounted for and we as an experienced firm can successfully handle these complicated cases and make sure you get out happy and better. Which is why we stand by taking no attorney fees until successful resolution of injury claim. We want to get you the justice you deserve and we stand ready to fight and succeed.