Attorney in Inglewood

The Law Offices of Victor O. Moses since 1994 have been serving the city of Inglewood and for those years we have brought countless number justice in Civil and Worker’s Compensation cases. Our experience has proven our specialization in Personal injury, immigration law, and worker’s compensation law cases.

All ranges of injury from slip and falls to wrongful deaths are serious and we fight aggressively to make sure you get what you deserve. Our multilingual staff work to help immigrant slowly work toward getting a  citizenship and to make sure even undocumented workers get compensation for workplace injuries. Lastly, we make sure that workplace injuries are compensated and employees are treated fair. Every case matters and we are to fight on your behalf to come with all you deserve.

Inglewood located in southwestern Los Angeles County is a place full of resources to get what you need. For example the Inglewood Courthouse is located there and that is a great location to take any of your cases or concern and we can be the ones to do it. Along with the courthouse there are several other courts to fit different legal needs so the numerous options can get you the case you need.


Our office is located in Inglewood, so we have complete understanding and knowledge of Inglewood and what it can offer legally. Also the convenience of being in the same location makes it easier for us to be available to you and likewise. So anyone looking for a lawyer in Inglewood, we can guarantee our attention to your case. Going to the right court with a strong case is where we come in so let our experience and knowledge of Inglewood guide you to justice.

Inglewood Attorney Specializing in Personal Injury

At the Law Offices of Victor O. Moses we take personal injury very seriously and we are ready to defend it at any point as we have done in so many past cases. We fight all ranges of injury from slip and falls to wrongful deaths and we fight to make sure that you are taken seriously for an injury. We act as a Personal Injury Attorney in Inglewood and we are prepared to act as an Auto Accident Attorney as well and with our experience in these cases, we will make sure that you get the result you want to hear.

Immigration Attorney based in Inglewood

As the Law Offices of Victor O. Moses we have experienced immigration attorneys in Inglewood. We take pride in helping immigrants through the process of naturalization, the process of becoming an American citizen. We help introduce and guide immigrants through the initial steps of an employment visa and then a green card to allow permanent residence.

Once qualified as a lawyer for citizenship applications we are even here to help immigrants receive their citizenship with the aim to make sure that immigrants can permanently and lawfully live here. We even defend undocumented workers hurt in the workplace to make sure they are treated fairly and are given a workers compensation. We care and we are ready to defend all immigrants.

Inglewood Attorney Specializing in Workers Compensation

Injuries happen but if they happen at the workplace it becomes a serious issue and anyone hurt in any way due to work are obligated to be compensated by employers for pain or medical costs. We at the Law Offices of Victor O. Moses act as a Workers Compensation Attorney in Inglewood and make sure that you get the compensation for your pain.

We defend a variety of injury cases from small to more serious but they all matter. The injuries include getting hurt at an event, stress due to work or even serious health issue from the stress and work. All these and more can qualify for a workers compensation and allow us to fight for you as these cases can get complicated but our experience comes in handy and often brings the win. We want to make sure people are safe and treated fairly so we will make sure you get the justice you deserve.