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Lawyer Servicing the Greater Los Angeles area

The Law Offices of Victor O. Moses have been serving the greater Los Angeles Area since 1994 and for nearly three decades we have brought justice to those involved in Civil and Worker’s Compensation cases. As a firm we specialize in cases based on personal injury, immigration law, and worker’s compensation law. If someone encounters a wrongful death we can help fight in court along with all ranges of injury making us one of the most experienced in personal injury cases. We as a multilingual staff work to handle immigration law matters and help clients through the process to make sure they get visas and green cards. Lastly we make sure that employees hurt in the workplace are still given all compensation benefits and treated right. All these cases are important and our experience can help you get the justice you deserve.


Los Angeles located in Los Angeles County is one of the largest cities in America. The busy city is filled with resources to make sure you get what you need. For example The Los Angeles Superior Court is located here and is a place to fight any of your cases at a higher level of authority and we can be the ones to help you do it. Throughout the county there are countless courts all available to be convenient and fair in your fight and our location offers the perfect door for that availability.

Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

Injury is a serious issue and our experience in fighting these cases make us one leading small firms dealing with these injury cases. As a Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles we have fought countless cases in the area from wrongful deaths to Slip and Fall cases to car accident claims and we are even ready to act as your Auto Accident Attorney. In all these cases from small injuries to serious ones we are here to support and fight for you because all injuries are serious. We promise to aggressively pursue the matter and get you what you deserve.

Los Angeles Immigration Attorney

As the Law Offices of Victor O. Moses we work to make sure immigrants are given the rightful chance to work and gain permanent residence in the United States. We can provide you with an experienced Immigration attorney in Los Angeles and can help you learn the process of naturalization (the process to becoming a citizen) and help you get along the process in an effective manner.

Some of the first steps are to get an employment visa to get work and help stay in the country temporarily. Then if valid, getting a green card can allow a permanent residence in the United States and we guide immigrants through the entire process to make sure they can lawfully and permanently live here. Along with the process we have fought many times for undocumented workers injured on the job to make sure they still get a workers compensation but also to make sure they get to live here permanently. Our staff cares and we are here to fight on your behalf.

Workers Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles

Workplace injuries are serious and we at the Law Offices of Victor O. Moses act as a Workers Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles to make sure that workers who have suffered workplace injuries are given the full range of compensation benefits to help cover medical costs as well as recovery costs. These injuries can vary from injuries from an event to stress and even to health problems resulting from work and stress. These all qualify for benefits however getting involved in these cases can be complex and that is why as an experienced firm we would make sure to guide you through the process and come out successful and fully compensated which is why we stand by taking no attorney fees until successful resolution of injury claim. We are here to help you and make sure you are provided with the justice you deserve.