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Assault and battery cases are quite different within the scope of personal injury claims. Unlike most cases, which are usually accidental in nature or due to plain negligence, assault and battery requires the offender to act with the intent leading to a certain result – causing apprehension for the victim or by inflicting physical contact with the intent to harm.

It’s important to know the boundaries which constitute assault and battery to know whether you are a potential victim of it or not. Victor Moses has years of experience in dealing with such cases and is more than willing to hear you out.

Definition of Assault

Assault can be defined as any intentional action that causes apprehension of imminent and harmful contact against an individual. It is important to note here that physical contact does not need to occur to consider something as an assault. When the victim expects that an action initiated by the offender would hurt or harm them in some form or manner, then the act can be considered as an assault.

The specific legal requirements may differ from state to state, but they all follow the general definition listed above.

Definition of Battery

Battery involves the physical contact of another person in a harmful or offensive manner. In many cases of battery, physical harm does not always happen. As long as the contact is considered offensive or inappropriate and that clear intent was established by the offender, then the act can be considered as battery.

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In either cases of assault or battery, you deserve proper representation which can protect your rights and interests. Should any harm fall on you or a loved one due to being victims of assault and battery, then you deserve to be compensated accordingly.

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